An attribute is where an effect is impacted on that weapon to make it unique of its own kind. They are specified in the player's inventory when the weapon is having the cursor over it. Positive attributes that grants more power, gunpower, and so forth will have their text blue, while a Negative attribute, like a smaller clip size, no crit hits are marked in red.


Item Positive Negative

Cow Mangler 5000 Red

Cow Mangler 5000

+ Does not require ammo

+ Alternate-Fire: Charged shot causes mini-crits to players and disable buildings for 4 seconds

-10% damage penalty

- No random critical hits

-5% slower reload speed

-Deals 20% damage to buildings

-Can not be boosted by crits

Black Box

Black Box

On hit: +25 health -25% smaller clip size

Direct Hit

Direct Hit

+25% damage bonus

+80% projectile speed

Mini-crits targets launched airborne by explosions

-70% explosion radius


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Sometimes, weapons can be uncrated by the Mann Co. Supply Crate will appear in a Strange quality. Items with the Strange quality will track the number of kills, and other various of stuff if a Strange Part is used with the Strange weapon. It does not work on other types.