Voiced by

Gary Schwartz

Meet the Demoman
Demoman mtt video splash
Master at explosive, the Demomen is an excellent class to clear out a large clutter of enemies due to his devastating power from his Grenades or his Sticky Bombs. His Grenades can bounce off of surfaces and get a direct hit on his enemies if it has not bounced off. His Sticky Bombs can be put in a certain location and detonated manually by the Sticky Launcher (with the exception of the Scottish Resistance who has a 0.8 longer prime time). The advantage of this allows them to hide their stickies behind a surface the enemy can't see due to his field-of-view, then denotate it to cause an instant death.


  • Clear out players pushing the Payload Cart by throwing Grenades at them.
  • Use your Stickybombs for stickyjumping which allows you access to areas some other classes can't.
  • Laying out Stickybombs around a doorframe will hide it, and will trigger a surprise attack if timed correctly.
  • If you hold down Mouse Button 1 for the Sticky Launcher longer, the bomb will go farther.

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