(140/210 with Vita-saw)



117.33% while using the Overdose

133% while healing a Scout with a Quick-fix





Voiced by

Robin Atkin Downes

Meet the Medic
Splash video MTT medic
Let's go practice medicine.

–The Medic, in Meet the Medic

The Medic is a vital class of any team, with the ability to ÜberCharge allies to help make a push or an offensive/defensive move. When his medicine gun is focused on a target, that target can be healed, and even get the patient's health overbuff by 150%. It is the Medic's job to help heal injured allies and to build ÜberCharge while doing so.


  • The Heavy is a great patient to ÜberCharge. Heal other allies and then ÜberCharge him.
  • Allies will be able to call for 'MEDIC!' by pressing the Use button (default: E) on their keyboard. Use this as an advantage to heal injured teammates and get to know who's injured.
  • When the allies shout 'MEDIC!', they receive a speech bubble with a Medic sign and the background darkened red depending on their health. Use this to see who is the most injured.
  • As a Medic, you are a great target to Snipers and Spies due to your ability to ÜberCharge. Check once or so often behind you and Spy-check any following teammates.
  • Spies have the ability to call 'MEDIC!' as the person they are currently disguised as. Be careful about who you're healing.

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