60/90 (with Conniver's Kunai equipped)

100/150 (with Big Earner equipped)



93% (disguised as Demoman)

80% (disguised as a Soldier)

77% (disguised as a Heavy)





Voiced by

Dennis Bateman

Meet the Spy
Spy Video Splash
The Spy is a class that can do a bunch of abilities, such as the Backstab, Cloaking to make yourself invisible for a short period of time, and Disguise to fool enemies.

Spy StrategyEdit

  • A backstab is a lethal blow from 180 degrees behind the player. Use this to chain-stab people pushing the cart or attempting to complete an objective.
  • Your Disguise Kit can disguise you as an enemy player. Use this to reduce your chances of being killed. Use common sense with it (don't use it if you're entering your spawn, etc.).
  • Your Cloak ability renders you invisible for a short period of time determined by which Invisibility Watch you're using. However, you can feign your death with the Dead Ringer.
  • You can disable and destroy enemy Engineer's building with Sapper. Be careful, you may be caught in the process. However, the Sapper can be removed with two hits of the Engineer's wrench.

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