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Proper English, grammar, and spelling examplesEdit

We at TF2 Informer want to have one of the best readable articles with clean sentences; instead of choppy ones. Here's what I mean.

Soldier Rocket-jumping ExampleEdit


"When teh Soldier hitz hiz own rocketz below hiz feetz, he can propel upwardz"

What's wrong with this sentence? I'll point out.

  • The sentence makes no sense, poor grammar.
  • The writer misspelled "the" wrong, making it "teh".
  • The writer replaced the 's' at the end of words.
  • The writer puts 'a lot' instead of 'a lot'. According to the online computer dictationary and real life dictionary, a lot is not a valid word, nor should it be used on here.


"When the Soldier hits his own rockets below his feet, he can propel upward."

What's good with this sentence? I'll point out.

  • Described cause-effect (Cause: Soldier hits his own rockets below his feet / Effect: Propels up)
  • Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling


"When the Soldier hits his own rockets below his feet, he can propel upward. This method is known as rocket-jumping."

What's so excellent about this paragraph? I'll point it out for you.

  • Added links to the Soldier class incase the reader is interested in the Soldier class
  • Tells the reader what the common method is called

Heavy Intelligence (In Meet the Heavy) ExampleEdit


"Peoplez think they outsmartz me. Maybe, [sniffz], maybe. But I have yet onez to meet that outsmartz bullets"

Source: This line comes from the Team Fortress 2 first Meet the Team, "Meet the Heavy".


  • Very not understandable; hard to read
  • Writer places too many 'z'.
  • Writer places 'But' as a first word in a sentence. According to grammar, this would be incorrect.


"People think they can outsmart me. Maybe, [sniffs] maybe. I have yet one to meet that outsmart bullets."


  • Better and easier to read
  • The last part (outsmart bullet) is still not understandable, but could be corrected or through methods of the reader.
  • No 'But' in front of a sentence that serves as a first word.


"People think they can outsmart me. Maybe [sniffs], maybe. I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullets."

- The Heavy on intelligence, SOURCE: Meet the Heavy


  • Provides who said it and the topic
  • Shows the source
  • Line is not as accurate, but still is acceptable
  • Easiest to read, nice flow with grammar and spelling.